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White Privileged b*tch Challenges a Black dude – Got Knocked out!

  • fukski

    Gay nigga

  • Gmack

    why that worthless entitled bitch think she can fight a guy and win? what a worthless trash feminists are bringing up. bitch wanted equal rights, now she can have equal lefts.

  • JEBB & BECKY….

    Should’ve fought a white kid for the win.

  • PoweredByLight

    But why square up with a woman anyway unless she’s assaulting or being confrontational or dare I say call me the “N” word.

  • Ronnie Roningston

    This guy is 100% pussy!!!!!


    Lmfaoo stupid ass cracker bitch

  • nah if a woman wanna put up her fist and fight then so be it equal opportunity right??….however he should of let her throw the first punch

  • exactly loooooool…..”wanted equal rights, now she can have equal lefts” fucking classic line amma use this to all bitches

  • KingCracker

    stupid nigger thinks hes a bad ass


    looks like the snowflake had her fists up laughing… more like she THOUGHT she was bad ass


    Blacks are weak and only attack someone that’s weaker like a girl,And he wouldn’t do that to a black girl so it is also racist .He should be killed

  • jerseykid16

    Just cuz she goes to a karate class after school and on the weekend she thought she had this fight, look at her stance…. lol….

  • Jay

    Wtf just happened here