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Tucker Carlson Triggers A Feminist Angry About Women Wearing Bikinis

I had to share this: so now feminists are angry about adult women wearing bikinis – what next ?.

“Maybe that’s the problem with modern feminism: It’s not really about the women, it’s about controlling other people.” Tucker Carlson

  • G.O.A.T

    hahahahahha whites rule!

  • XB Mario

    Getem’ Tucker!!!!!!

  • Gmack

    bitches know the only way a guy would ever listen to a bitch say anything is if she is pretty, young, naked or almost naked. and even then we are just looking at there tight bodies and ignoring there message.

  • Gmack

    FEMINISM IS HATE SPEECH. feminism is never about equality for men and women and family courts makes damn sure about that. men have no rights in the western world