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Tiger Woods DUI Dash Cam Video

  • Santas lil helper

    Hey tg, get fucked! Ws had this days ago. Go to fuckin rehab. Ur ripping off ur new sponsors.

  • Ulrick Jr RealestOne

    Bullshit site fuck TG

  • Not the average goon site

    Hey whatsup to the owner of this website…I have to say that I am very hurt by this site’s performance. I run a site called vicksweb and it’s a video and content distribution site…something like this but on a global level. I found this site for the first time about 5 weeks ago. Since then it seems like its performance has been in decline. I did some research on yall and saw in the month of January this had almost 2 million visitors…that’s incredible! I looked at your past videos and saw incredible engagement from your visitors. People were actively watching and most importantly commenting on your videos. I don’t like spamming websites to bring people to my site because it’s tacky but I would like to know how you managed to reach 2 million people. If you want to partner up and combine forces i’m open to suggestions so let me know.

  • Raw

    You missed the boat. Twins have gone into hiding. The other site the trapstar came and went after 2 days. All downhill from here on in.

  • Not the average goon site

    well that sucks but thanks for the update bro

  • Chin Lee

    The owner went into hiding because of too many people trying to partner up and take over their website.its a crazy world

  • Not the average goon site

    Haha not trying to take over anything. I just want to know what they did to reach so many people in January, if it was via paid advertising or what and in return I could do something for them like show them how to post multiple videos with virtually little effort on their part or write a code or a WordPress plugin for them.


    I do this. hit my email [email protected]

  • James

    site sucks with bunch of wack content i started going on new site called liveinthehood dot com