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  • Knowledge Power

    I can not even compare them to animals. As
    it stands now, not one white person
    truly knows what it feels like to take pride in our own race without fear of
    being persecuted. If a white person is poor we are looked down on as being
    lazy, with blacks however it is because “racism”. If a black person has money they are looked
    up to, but if their white has it then they are “spoon-feed”, or “exploiting
    others”. If a white commits a violent crime towards blacks they are “racist”
    and will be prosecuted to the fullest, but if a black against white crime
    happens it is “justified”. No white person alive “since 1961” has ever known
    what is like to get hired for a job over another race, because our skin
    tone. With ‘affirmative action’ black children can go to private schools for
    free, but whites must pay, same thing with colleges, the workforce, etc. When a
    white person commits a crime it is on every media outlet, but black flash mobs,
    gruesome murders, and all racist actions are covered through all media outlets.
    If a white person speaks anything against ones beliefs, or makes an insensitive
    comment they now get fired, persecuted, harassed, and tyrannized. If a black
    person speaks against someone’s beliefs, and/or makes an insensitive comment
    nothing negative happens to them, blacks don’t even get called out on it. If
    and when a black person gets pulled over by the police everyone assumes it
    because “racism”. A black person can even be pointing a gun at the police, and
    people say it is because “racism”. If a white man does the same act, they are
    crazy, stupid, and a criminal. Blacks can, and do blame all their shortcomings
    on racism. Over 70% of black fathers do not take part in their children’s
    lives, and the same amount of mothers raise their children to become thugs,
    from “racism”? Ever
    since ‘affirmative affirmation’ took place more American have died, than all
    the U.S. wars combined at the hand of black thugs shooting guns, from “racism”?
    Anywhere you look on this planet, if the population makes up just 12% or more
    of the black race violence follows, from “racism”? It must be nice to get
    everything you want from the government in order to ‘get the black vote’. It
    must be nice to “be free” to say, and do whatever you want. It must be nice to
    have Hollywood always present you in a positive light. Blacks have ‘no go zones
    for whites’ all over our beautiful country, and if a white goes in they would
    most likely be beaten, robbed, raped, or murdered. If whites had these kind of
    ‘zones’, they would be prosecuted to the fullest. When are we going to wake up
    and realize these things are taking place in America and around the world? You never hear about Johnathan Walker aka slave
    savior, or any whites, who risked everything to save black slaves. Next time
    someone says that the Civil War was about “SLAVERY” ask them why do the people
    not remember all those people who died fighting it. Over 600,000 and not one
    “thank you” still. WAKE UP!!! Besides Lincoln only signed the Emancipation
    Proclamation to gain spies in the South, and it was stated that ONLY the slaves
    in the SOUTH would be set free. I cannot believe how easily led people can be. No
    one ever talks about this, and these damn movies do not show the truth. The
    truth would show all and it is bias no matter how you look at it, including the
    fact that blacks owned black slaves here in America too. Our mass-medias and
    governments have been bought, and they are spreading hate to the millions of
    uneducated people. Wake up America before it is too late, we are all slaves to
    this monetary system, and we must unite in-order to change anything. Fight for
    it, or it will never happen!!!

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