White Boy Took Some MAJOR HITS To His Back … May Need Reconstructive Surgery After That!

  • Dinoman

    Tis Just Sad. smh

  • William Cabrera

    Wtf how u just gonna let ur self get ur ass beat at ur own house or his tf some major bitch shyt


    How submissive can one be,at least pinch him or something..

  • DjSpankademiks

    If we were in the wild we would let the weaker ones off him to get their confidence up. People that are that submissive are usually useless in life. Wolves eat beta males that act like this.

  • Freddy

    Lol pussy try it with someone that will hit your bitch ass back

  • Cali_SunShine

    He didn’t want to fight leave him alone damn unruly cracker

  • James

    Damn the dogs are as useless as he is

  • Mr Hall

    The only thing you ever said i agree with.

  • Mr Hall

    Pussy he already surrendered lame ass fuck boy.

  • Hahahaumadtho

    He’s a pussy dude obviously didn’t​ want his hands fat ass L

  • Cali_SunShine

    Who cares I don’t know you

  • Mr Hall

    Oh yea you care you responded gtfoh

  • Cali_SunShine


  • Cali_SunShine

    I really don’t

  • Cali_SunShine

    And now you are blocked you never have to see anything I ever say again. You see how easy that is

  • Cali_SunShine

    Just like you cared to tell me you liked my comment stfu

  • Mr Hall

    I don’t give a fuck

  • Cali_SunShine

    Lies lol you replied

  • Mr Hall

    Lol yea ok

  • Ze Mog

    Guy with no shirt is the biggest Homo

  • Mr Hall

    Stfu please do me that favor

  • Put that on something

    Ok I get it the titles of the videos suppose to be ?funny!

  • Lord Supreme

    I can’t fight dudes that won’t fight back. Real warriors don’t do that.

  • Thetruthhurts

    This isn’t even a fair fight as u can tell dude wasn’t even hitting back so why continue to even fight smfh.