White Boy Got Put To SLEEP … They’re COUNTING To See How Long It Would Take!

  • Mike9130

    White man can’t thump

  • Christian Dior

    U stupid lmao snorted loud as fck


    White man can’t punch


    White boy forgot his keyboard at home

  • MyOpinionWhat

    so the intimidation factor.. check…fighting a fucking ginger …. check…. so we got a bunch of pussy ass nukkas..

  • Pro Black

    Night night cracker should’ve hit em wit your laptop

  • Booty Doo Gang #squad

    i heard a jaw snap

  • dizzy

    Da fuk u talking about it was a 1 on 1 so its fair game its not his fault crackers got no hands and drop like flys

  • howie

    They pick on the weak cause its an easy fight for them. If i was his age id mop the floor with his ass

  • mike jones


  • iDabWaxX

    Old ass honkie

    No hands having as race

  • howie

    Old? Im 25 and never felt better. U can get put on your back tough guy

  • bobmarley420

    STFU they’re the same size. Just take the L dude

  • Ray

    looks like they were friends