Disturbing: Dude CHOKES OUT His YOUNG SON Then LAUGHS About It!

  • Dinoman

    What Lifetime movie is this?

  • Mike9130

    All fun and games till somebody dies.

  • Bane

    Lmao we used to do this when we were young, but I definitely wouldn’t do this to my fucking children.


    Dad of the year!! Dum ass motherfucker lil kid could of die ?‍♂️


    Black folks we took a L on this 1

  • G.O.A.T

    surprise …. surprise hahahhaha these people

  • MyOpinionWhat

    not fucking disturbing.. they are doing that shit that makes you pass out.. i seen a few videos of different races doing this in different ways.. oh its disturbing cuz they are black.. foh.

  • Raw

    Kids a good actor.

  • joe

    Brain damage dumb fuck

  • Jugs

    Great way to give your kid brain damage.

  • dizzy

    Bruh someone call dcf on his dumb ass

  • Angel 31

    He wasn’t choking him you fucking retards.look at his fucking hands.

  • James Ball

    White people started this bs

  • jmoney j

    We used to do that shit when i was ten, I’m thirty five now.

  • Deer in Headlight

    Motha fuckers use to have me hold my breathe then pick me up and sqeeze me, shit made you pass out garenteed

  • Detroit Hustles Harder

    Damn I don’t remember this episode of empire

  • CinCityKid

    Dam that coma life ain’t no joke!!

  • Heffé dollaz

    How y’all kno that’s even his dad.