Two passengers fighting on an airplane

  • dreadgold2001

    The one dude was probably complaining about the Chinese passengers speaking Chinese. Because I flew to vegas yesterday with a bunch of Chinese folks and I believe they were talking about me in Chinese. They are good for doing that.

  • Santas lil helper

    Ws had this over a week ago. It was Japan airlines btw dreadgold.

  • James

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  • Wetty Fap – The 3rd

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  • Custom trip

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  • Dєαℓ ωιт ιт

    Did you got ban from WS?

  • 420rellyrell

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  • Ze Mog

    They not stealing enough per day though

  • •YOUNG•LEVAR• #Not Racist

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    “Someone help!!?! This guy is crazy!!”

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  • Deer in Headlight



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  • Kenneth Roach

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  • ManEatah

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  • ManEatah

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    lol white ppl don’t know how to behave anywhere. at home or abroad

  • Shana Pace

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