Two kids fight at school

  • Booty Doo Gang #squad

    dude let you up, and then you act tough….. like bihhhhh

  • Timothy Miller

    this website fuckin sucks

  • Timmytoturnedup

    2 days to up load 1 vid u guys need to stop nodding off for days

  • Steve Harvey

    Now the gutta got porn ads at the top. Smh, bum ass, scum ass website lmao

  • Mr Hall

    I guess ya let worldstar knock you out the box huh

  • Santas lil helper

    Fuck this site. Nothing but trash the last 3 months. And bum girls now over a month late. I didn’t wanna see it but way to flake out on that bs. I remember they wanted to contract people who had they’re own equipment and transportation. What the fuckin fuck tg? Could’ve had something but now this site is pure shit. IF I ever come back it will be for a select few vids that are old. Hey tg, fuck u! Get off the drugs!

  • Kev Smith

    Lmfao trash ass site

  • Where is the love

    This site had so much potential before the racist owners buried themselves with their hate in their own sites comment section lmfao I’d have made an offer before all that but dam now you got porn at the top…..where is all that talent at!? Must be working on that m.t.v show you guys got huh!? Lmfao!!!!

  • Grime boss

    wtf is this shit these crackas are promoting gay porn i knew ya was crack head fuckboys foh!

  • Raw

    Come on Twins. You guys can do better than this fluff. At least bring out a rant or something. This shit sux.

  • lowkeyzb

    looks like the twins gave up on thetrapstar ahahhahah

  • jhon

    Rip gutta trash site

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