Two guys fighting in the street

  • Grime boss

    This shit old way to go @the gutta stealing videos again ya fell the fuck off foh!!

  • ManEatah

    The Grand report. COM has way more activity and videos posted on the daily fuck you gutta

  • Where is the love

    Dam first the porn now the congratulations you just won a $1,000. Should change the name of the site to rock bottom!

  • Trumpalldayfuckobama

    Apes gone wild!

  • JP

    This site is the aaron hernandez of sites.

  • twinGlock40s

    Never seen a area with a side walk with bushes on the curb …what fucking city stay committed

  • Digiaddict

    these racist clowns know they fukd up and their site is str8 garbage… wonder if the trash twins got a hold of some bad dope….fingers crossed

  • Robert

    Gutta got paid 4 some porn ads and bounced smh drugies! Two new vids in a week im gone!! Fuck this site

  • PsychoBabble

    Come back to WorldStar y’all, this site aint going anywhere, iv’e been having some good laughs there lately, this place is like Hillary Clinton’s pussy, long abandoned & covered in cobwebs lmao

  • StrangerDanger

    Uh oh, he brought out the chair! He means business.

  • Robert

    Still no vids haha im telling yall they got a lil chip to post those porn ads and bounced haha smh