Ratchet Videos

This B*tch DESTROYED The Other … Ratchets Are SAVAGE These Days!

  • 420rellyrell

    When you fighting your self in Mortal Kombat

  • Hahahaumadtho

    I would’ve stomp that ho out

  • Raw

    Fucking hoes dressed like each other, fighting each other. That’s what the fight is over.


    Those slaps and punches were weak. I give it a 2

  • Will work for tacos?


  • MrTomalu .

    Looked like Kung Fu in the thumbnail.

  • J. Gainez

    Why all these hoes wearing the same clothes

  • Dre Williams

    That’s wat i was jus lookn at lmao???

  • vanillathrilla

    That’s destroyed?

  • Nickleslick

    Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself huh? Stop hitting yourself.


    why everybody in the vid dressed alike. look like clones fighting each other

  • ?LitTLe Anti-Christ?

    This website stinks honkies. ??

  • MyOpinionWhat

    were they fighting. ?

  • DomTooGroovy

    Big bitch

  • MiddleFingazUp

    the fat bitch is allways winnin

  • Carlos Spicyweiner

    These bitches mad they dressed alike?

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  • Chin Lee

    That’s how I feel about these dudes,long tees and saggy jeans

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  • Jay


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