Tennessee Man Livestreams His Own SUICIDE On Facebook … He Sets Himself On FIRE! (He Did This Over A FEMALE) [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

Murphys bar in midtown Memphis TN was a hellish scene tonight after Jared McLemore set himself on fire while streaming the act on Facebook Live.

According to reports on Facebook he died early this morning.

  • Black supremacist

    He’s a dangerous man with lighters And gas cans

  • UNDFTD23

    holy shit

  • JVerses

    That guy was eating an hurt doughnut

  • PsychoBabble

    That’ll teach the bitch! lmao

    One more idiot out the gene pool, hopefully he didnt infect some bitches womb before he went.

  • pete

    Yo he heated bruh

  • DjSpankademiks

    Its getting hot in here

  • G_Dubb71

    A weenie roast??


    The music playing in the background was weird cuz it’s a up beat song. The fire really made he’s dumb ass get up.


    He did something really bad to want to do this. That guilt was too much..

  • Land of the Dread Heads

    He went out in a blaze of glory

  • bonecapone

    why it looked like somebody set him on fire I thought he was running from something right before it happen

  • Mike9130

    I don’t get what I saw. Before the fire it looks like something was thrown at him? It wasn’t on fire though.

    Then he fell and that caused the metal can he used to douse himself in gas to slide. Did that caused the spark? Something don’t add up

  • Youngniggapreach

    He regretted it all the second he felt that heat and was thrown back

  • Don’t Worry,Be Happy

    The roof the roof the roo…..Jared, Jared, jareds on fire!

  • Bang Bang

    show us what the bitch like

  • Saguaro

    lmao, dude hesitated right at the end… sucks to be a fuckwit

  • Mike Jones

    Burn baby burn…

  • Stop-wearing-weave

    Looks like murder

  • J42769

    24k burnt man in the aaaaaiiiiirrrrr.

  • Timmytoturnedup

    That boy is on fire ?

  • Timmytoturnedup

    If ur that emotionally unstable and that weak minded mayb u do deserve a meaningless ending js

  • Timmytoturnedup

    Not really..a blaze of stupidity and will be eternally used as a ash tray

  • Timmytoturnedup

    Weak minded

  • Bane

    I hope that was G.O.A.T

  • Santas lil helper

    How can u kys with Bruno mars playin? Make a nigga wanna dance.

  • Def

    Did he really kill himself with Brunos mars up beat music in the back round…

  • Def

    Swear im home jiggin in my bed cuz of dat song and this nigga killing himself most confusing generation ever…

  • Raw

    Like 2 seconds were streamed. I think he ran off and jumped in a pool of water off camera.

  • it doesn’t matter


  • it doesn’t matter

    ????? Dummy

  • Ivan

    He had the fire going already like a can of hot coals or something which he just pushed it over and once he flipped it over he just braced himself for that scorching sensation.

  • Ivan

    He had the fire going already like a can of hot coals or something which he just pushed it over and once he flipped it over he just braced himself for that scorching sensation


    That was ok ??????

  • Mike9130

    Not even close.

  • Marquese Dillinger

    Tibetan monks make it LOOK easy — and they don’t scream or run.

  • rodofiron platinum

    some thing or some one made him ignite his self to soon

  • Hmmm

    I heard Memphis be LIT, but damn…


    Something was thrown at him that’s what caused the fire ???

  • Sa town realist

    Someone tried to stop him n failed

  • organicjoe88

    24K magic by Bruno mars playing and u want to kill yourself FOH weak ass bitch

  • Richard Fitswell

    Bet that was hot

  • KEK on da table

    Bet dat thot was hot

  • Richard Hopkins

    Wicked movie ending

  • JP

    Put the pussy on a pedistal.

  • Jaden

    Dying to Bruno Mars. Ain’t that a bitch

  • He should of played Lil Wayne “Playing With Fire”

  • CinCityKid

    That song gon be burnt in his mind forever

  • Chin Lee

    If u look carefully he ignited himself accidentally.when he fell over he pushed the gas can on the ground which created a spark along with the gas already on the basically he was like a human cig lighter

  • Steve Lariz

    He’s Dead which is good!