Idiot Lets His Friend HIT Him With A PADDLE On His BARE AZZ And INSTANTLY Regrets It!


    Those hands tho lmao..

  • DjSpankademiks


  • Michael Weeks Jr.

    That’s a damn t-Rex


    Gay azz white boys in a all boys school

  • Cali_SunShine


  • Geust

    Damn that sucks that nigga can’t even rub the pain away

  • organicjoe88

    Looked at his hands and said what are thooooooose

  • Grime boss

    gay ass crackas next their going to be playing hide the sausage foh!

  • James

    “Grab my strong hand” lookin boy

  • joe

    TheGutta is wake yo

  • Hahahaumadtho

    Bwahhahhahaha give him another one and heres an L

  • Raw


  • doomhoe

    Fuck wrong with this nigga arms

  • Grime boss

    one of them crackas has to be the G.O.A.T bitch ass

  • Custom trip

    Hit him so hard he gave him polio…

  • Bigwhtcok4yerblkGF

    Prob some genetic disease caused by his momma using dope or some shit while the poor kid was in her stomach

  • Bigwhtcok4yerblkGF

    Hide the hamster lmfao

  • Bigwhtcok4yerblkGF

    I lmao but you aint shit for that lol

  • Grime boss