Herd Of Rabid Rhinos Go At It Right In Front Of The Kids And One Of Them Looks To Be DOWN For The Count!

  • Geust

    I didn’t even look at the pic I was expectin some natgeo vid of rhinos fighting to the death lmao


    -_- this is why…………………………………….fuk it……..

  • Def

    Niggas love bitches like this …


    Too many blacks in one area is a recipe for an ignorant fuckstorm

  • Booty Doo Gang #squad

    tell us something we don’t know


    That one nigga in the video had on a camo jacket, sweats and shell necklace. Tf outta here.

  • MyOpinionWhat

    and you did

  • Au7

    That entire community probably STINKS

  • Mr Hall

    You can tell right off the rip it’s low income housing cause the blinds is broke or bent out of shape wow.

  • PlayBoy mullah

    Nd u proud to be from da south?

  • Cali_SunShine

    First off don’t go to nobody house to fight. Second I’m so thankful I never had to live in the projects. Look at all these ignorant niggas. Shit is said

  • Penus Helmetpincher

    “herd of rabid rhinos” lol

  • G_Dubb71

    I bet it smells like pig feet and chittlins out there..the one hoe said they going to eat lol

  • Ronnie Roningston

    I’d go ahead and kill myself or commit a crime to be locked up for life before is live with those people!

  • Put that on something

    Ain’t she pregnant

  • Syltopher Mayers

    good job gutta finally got a title correct