Girl Ran Her Mouth And Got The BUSINESS From The WHOLE Neighborhood … B00B Slip Included!

  • Cali_SunShine

    I fucking hate country black people

  • Mike Jones

    2 on 1 and dude recording sounds like a biitch…


    Lol camera guy got called out…

  • Timmytoturnedup

    Thats pretty savage and the girl gettin jumped put up a fight and didint curl up

  • Timmytoturnedup

    Prolly queer

  • Carlos Spicyweiner

    That nigga got hella tight when she pressed him… “you been fuckin me ” haaa

  • Def

    All i saw was a bunch of gay boys fighting like women. .

  • William DEE Williams

    A grown man instigating and she held her own

  • Greezy4sheezy

    For the life of me, I will never understand the idea of two vs one and why one of the two isn’t just holding the one’s arms while the other gets clean hits…it’s actually really simple..

  • Ronnie Roningston

    Obviously a white person pretending to be black, it’s 2017 and there are very few coons in existence, I could be wrong and you’re the last coon alive!

  • MyOpinionWhat

    bitch asking for a rubberband is scared.

  • MyOpinionWhat

    all them nukkas aint shit.. smh

  • Jugs

    that raspy kind of voice is so disgusting sounding.

  • G_Dubb71

    Mofo’s that make these videos, that keep saying get that bitch, fuck that bitch up…just to let you know, IF the one getting the beat down just happen to die?? Your dumb ass going to prison too. If I was recording it to post it you wouldn’t hear me saying shit!!

  • Cali_SunShine


  • G_Dubb71

    Well I’m country…the diffrence is I was raised right and didn’t fuck around like those fools

  • James Ball


  • Richard Fitswell

    Idgaf that bitch had hands for both them bitches


    Didn’t want to admit you fucked with that ugly bitch.

  • Elon Martin

    Yellow shorts get the D

  • Cali_SunShine


  • I skipped work today

    Facts lol

  • Mr Hall

    Nigga quit lying on yo dick you know damn well you mad she kicked yo ass under the bus lmao tf.