Gay Dude Got Called A FAG And Had Dude’s Head BOUNCING Off The Wall From Those SAVAGE HITS!

  • Jermaine cole

    Im just here to let y’all know to stay off this site, and don’t help these white mutherfuckers promote this shit. They made a video to say fuck us and they don’t need us, and basically fuck black people, talking shit about a fucking 600 dollar crap shirt talking about they was on WS and they used to work at worldstar. I’m going every where to dump on this site until y’all take this shit down! Fuck this site and the 2 redneck white trailer park crackers that run it????????????????????????

  • Free publicity, we welcome it! 🙂

  • Arthur

    This site is trash tho, just to keep it all the way real with u.


    Trash ass site


    Site is trash


    The gutta trash af

  • But you keep coming here, like a moth to a flame! :p <3 ya!

  • Mr.Blue Benjamin

    Fucc up cracca


    The gutta is fuckn weak

  • HYPEDICKS is trash af.


    lol this site gay af bet it ran by some ugly ass crackers


    Ay yo seriously this site is trash fuck you mean keep coming here lol yeah to expose this trash ass site


    Expose this pussy ass site

  • KMillz318

    It’s been months and this site still ain’t shit y’all can ?? ads on tv and still flop

  • Appreciate the support!

  • Grime boss

    yo why faggets get mad when you call them a fag wtf thats what you are,,,
    but not for nothing little faboy had some hands tho first fag i see that throws punches not smacks or kicks lmaooo!!

  • G_Dubb71

    Why argue with somebody about how they run their shit? I don’t like some of the shit posted either but I still come and look. Just doesn’t make sense to keep coming back if the site ain’t shit and this and that. If I didn’t like something that bad I wouldn’t come back.


    Notice all the racist shit these niggers are posting,they think they can be racist and there’s no problem,then they go around saying whites are racist,look at these niggers and their double standard,AND THEY WANT THIS SITE DOWN,IF WHITES DID THAT TO NIGGERS THEY WOULD BE OPPRESSING THEM AND RACIST.SO HOW THESE DINDUS THINK WE WILL ACCEPT THEM.LETS STOP DINDUS AND THIER DOUBLE STANDARDS

  • Timothy Miller

    want to fuck your mom

  • Timothy Miller

    uhhhh….. who is the gay one….that nigga took off his shoe and threw it……he threw it.


    And if you don’t like this site DINDUS stop coming here,just like a nigger to try take everything from the white man,their in our sports,our music,our TV.they see white people doing stuff and want to take it for THEMSELFS ,notice how all the old white characters in TV and movies are being changed to black people?Racist blacks say it’s racist if it’s white and not changed to BLACK…LEAVE US ALONE AND FIND YOUR OWN THINGS AND STUFF TO DO


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    I caught small brain Dindu,are your feelings hurt ,the truth hurts don’t it little primitive ape like creature.AND YOU SHOULD LOOK FOR SOMEBODY’S MOM BESIDES YOUR OWN,GET THAT APE GENES OUT OF YOUR FUTURE CREATURES.MAYBE SOMEDAY YOUR GENES WILL CHANGE CLOSER TO HUMANS

  • James

    Kill urself peasant

  • James

    Punk bitch


    Rest In Peace worldstar

  • Percy Washington

    No this fool did not take off his shoes and through them at his opponent. LOL

  • MyOpinionWhat

    cant fuck with no nukka that takes a dick in his ass.. you punches will mean nothing. lol

  • ready


  • Neil

    lol he took off his shoes lol

  • joe

    Honestly i wouldn’t want to go in the bathroom with him either no telling what that fool my try to pull

  • Geust

    If you get yo ass beat after calling a gay dude fag you gotta give up yo man card an start follow that dude around and start callin him daddy. Shits straight embarrassing + should let niggas do them it ain’t effectin you

  • Geust

    Next he’ll be like alright I’m skins you no shirt

  • Richard Fitswell

    That was fucking beautiful

  • Timmytoturnedup

    Old shit

  • BigBossHogg

    now which one was gay in that video? 😉

  • dizzy

    Dam cuz got his whoop by a fag


    shit the guy throwing shoes looked gay

  • Neil

    lol both but the guy who beat his ass more for that sea shell necklace lmao

  • 420rellyrell

    Will you can’t get a solid punch so you got to throw something out to connect

  • ObamaOneMoreTerm

    That nigga was the faggot by the end of the fight…lol

  • Nig Flair

    He ran out of options by the end of the fight. Had to throw his shoes

  • full_melt_fel

    The fag took his shoes off lol…

  • CinCityKid

    By the end of the fight he was the fag

  • bad guy

    Yo we know who gonna be getting they ass took they hit the pen and it aint the gay fool

  • Put that on something

    thats just a good ass whoopin!

  • ?brutally honesT ? ?

    when ur friends set u up 4 an @ss whipping

  • G.O.A.T

    i thought all black dudes were gay ?

  • Ray

    lmao he like sucking dick and whipping niggaz assess lol

  • Chin Lee

    We fc k u up the booty but no we aren’t all gay

  • G.O.A.T

    you aren’t black you’re a chink


    y’all got it twisted… the fag was the one gettin beat the fuck up… no straight man takes his shoe off in a fight