F*ck Boy Gets CHECKED Then RAN Out The Hood Like A B*TCH!

  • Wen u run out of chitilins

    nice apartment complex. I’m guessing your credit has to be above 700

  • Jugs

    Nothing tough or cool about beating on someone who won’t fight you back.

  • MyOpinionWhat

    they are always tough when they are bigger than the victim. pussy ass nukka

  • Au7

    Piece of shit in the blue is nothing but a COWARD. That’s the kind of shitbag that will end up in prison doing 5 years at a time for petty crimes. To Son in the yellow, get away from these lames, spend more time around your guidance counselor, the computer room in your school, hit the books, and hit the gym too. Stay away from these losers, including the camera man. Fucking clowns

  • Riq2X

    Ohhhhhhh??he spit on cuhz at da end he tweakin’ how he gon allow dat

  • Mr Hall

    Foh. Got ya chest out cause he wouldn’t fight back pussy.

  • Ryan Campbell

    Crip with 5 point start smh

  • Ryan Campbell

    Burn that shirt

  • Michael Weeks Jr.


  • Timothy Miller

    all them niggas look like nerds

  • Loveonthebluff

    Ohio or Virginia

  • Ivan