Dude Talkin Sh*t Got FLIPPED Over The Hood Of A CAR And WHOOPED!

  • William Cabrera

    Lol all 4 of them r wack af I would trim all at the same time on bloods


    White boys hollerin nigga….smh

  • Cali_SunShine

    What year was this recorded and on what

  • Mr Hall

    Lmao for real

  • Raw

    A potato called Nokia 3310

  • Knowledge Power

    2016 – Obama phone

  • HeffĂ© dollaz

    That slap box match at the end ???

  • Balls Deep In Her!!!!

    Damn this dude was recording with the first camera ever made. Shit doesn’t have any focus. Update that shit homie.

  • Lord Supreme

    But they got you in the Spelling Bee. On Books, keyboard gangsta.