Dude gets slapped in the face by another man

  • DjSpankademiks

    Wow clicking the vid makes a porn site come up first. Fuck this website and fuck you two cock sucking tweekers, I hope you od and get butt fucked by each other.

  • Trumpalldayfuckobama

    Ain’t nothing gutta about the fucking gutta shitty website

  • Trumpalldayfuckobama

    I just watched it in world start

  • J. Gainez

    lol nothing but porn ads everywhere

  • William DEE Williams

    got damn porn site now

  • Lol’d

    A you forgot the play button.

  • Santas lil helper

    So…there’s no video? Lol fuck tg. That’s a good one

  • DjSpankademiks

    Jacking flyheight and grandreport vids now cuh, i thought you were the leaders in fresh content.

  • Wetty Fap – The 3rd

    You fuckers stealin videos now…smh

  • FutureLooks LikePippen

    Bro these niggas was begging for 2gs lmao

  • Raw

    From where? Don’t fuck with the Twins.

  • Raw

    Why you keep coming back? And commenting as well.

  • Raw

    Have to say that the Panty Bay pop up looks quite interesting.

  • Where is the love

    Isn’t even a video. I keep coming back hoping to find some idiot tweakers drinking bud light talking about t.v shows they don’t really have and shit and all I see is porn and this shit that’s not even a video. The fuck did the talent go!!??? How can all these sites steal your videos when you don’t even upload any videos to steal!!?? Morons! Let me get the site I’ll make it good again!

  • Robert

    Smh the gutta is falling hard! No vids and a bunch of porn ads smh! U tried atleast! Next time.

  • Richard Hopkins


  • Wetty Fap – The 3rd

    Worldstar muthafucka…dont play stupid…

    P.s. fuck you homo ass twins

  • •YOUNG•LEVAR• #Not Racist

    They are meth heads

  • នKﺃⲧℤ⭘⇝

    I thought those ads were only because I was on porn hub.. glad to know it’s not just me

  • James

    this site is becoming trash

  • PsychoBabble

    they tried?….

  • marks

    Shut this ad infested site down. Piece of shits couldnt take over. Even though Q died

  • •YOUNG•LEVAR• #Not Racist

    Niggas get locked up ever day b

  • Aeirs One

    Y’all are video stealing fuck boys.
    Also ur adds are out of control. Fuck you.

  • Mr.Blue Benjamin
  • Mr.Blue Benjamin

    Get y’all white hoes under control mane

  • The real 50 cent

    Lol……this shit is a COMPLETE failure


    Gutta fell asleep…..again…


    Get Adblock for your phone. Kills all those ads

  • Timmytoturnedup

    2 much fitty they probably od’ed again..they’ll be back as soon as they run out of dope

  • Timmytoturnedup

    Make theGutta great again

  • Aeirs One

    Bill Clinton is a rapist



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  • Chin Lee

    T.G. is in cahoots with open sites and the pervs that are always on those sites get spam on here.its only business


    it’s only getting this attention now because white ppl are ODing in record numbers.

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  • Shuan Puffie

    Thank you I thought it was me every time I click on this site that crappy porn pops up even when you click on video and after you click off it pops something else up

  • Shuan Puffie

    Hello Gutta please get new videos, hey on grandreport is anybody having issues where the video takes a while to load if so how can I get the videos to play as sooon as I click