DAMN: Dude Took A SAVAGE Beat Down For Talkin Sh*t To The WRONG Dude!

  • Trumpalldayfuckobama

    White shirt don’t know how to stay the fuck down for real

  • Carlos Spicyweiner

    got your ass beat by in nigga in a pokemon hat… ol ash catchem add boi….

  • Carlos Spicyweiner

    I wrote that comment scrolled back up to see he was STILL getting eye jammies…..

  • Timmytoturnedup

    They slaped him with a tablet

  • Riq2X

    Ion c how dude wit da Ash Catchem hat on could move around wit dem tight ass nut huggerz on

  • Ronnie Roningston

    The pussy that “won” can’t fight!

  • MyOpinionWhat

    ok get back to cutting the lawn please.. smh

  • G_Dubb71

    Off the subject but I seen they removed that crackers video already and I had just replied to it. Why keep letting that faggot post videos like that then when ppl talk shit about it poof, it’s gone!!

  • G_Dubb71

    Dude that’s doing all the talking,cmon homie…I swear he sounds like the lil Mexican dude Lil Joker on Next Friday lol

  • Digiaddict

    they removed it because they got exposed. the folks who run this site are racist as fuk. look at the responses to anyone who says anything negative. its from the same damn person and its always racist. those dudes are the gutta twins, this is their shit damn near. fuk this site……..i dont click play on shit anymore. fuk this site

  • Digiaddict

    this site wasnt made for blacks,,,it was supposed to be a redneck worldstar. these dudes are fukn racist clowns and meth heads

  • PsychoBabble

    What did I say, they’ll delete their rant video after a few hours just like the rest, pathetic.
    Fuck this site, fuckin amateurs, cant be bothered giving it more chances.
    So I bid y’all farewell, to those that gave me some, thanks for the laughs, i’m away to find a new home for my brand of bullshit, adios for the final time dudes.

  • Digiaddict

    respect homie,,,,,im with you on that shit.

  • Tim Tebow

    Lmffaoooooooo hahahahahahhahaha

  • G_Dubb71

    Damn that’s fucked up. Anyway the fucker done fucked up now, people know who he is and they gonna end up fuckin them both up. Then it will be another video downing blacks again. He just making shit bad on himself and his twin sister


    What kind of shoes are those??????

  • Shark

    Good lord nigga ate that pole

  • SaintLaurentDon

    You guys are selling sex ads now! Smh!!

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  • Dab817

    I’m fixing to go loco homes