0 F*cks Given: 2 Dudes STORM Into A Guy’s HOUSE Uninvited And Beat The BRAKES Off Of Him In Front Of His SCREAMING Girlfriend!

  • StrangerDanger

    Nigga was speed walking.


    Blacks that’s 2 L’s. Whites whooped that ass

  • Ze Mog


  • Mark

    Called home invasion and assault and battery

  • puchito

    Took him 45 min to walk to the house ??


    1st one invade 1st one getting shot

  • Knowledge Power

    only when whites do it

  • MyOpinionWhat

    wtf.. they sell $2 bags of nukka selling the mexican shit over there.

  • MyOpinionWhat

    GET OUT.. nukka.. didn’t you see the movie.. shhiiiiiiiiiiit

  • Cipher

    this mfer took his shirt off five blocks away ?

  • DjSpankademiks

    This vid should have been 23 sec long. We dont have to see your whole shitty neighborhood.

  • marxmen55

    compared to the hundreds of thousands we busted the pigskin azz

  • jamila Bey

    Fuck the gutta and fuck this shit

  • dizzy

    Bruh why they had to jump cuz they kno blk dude beat they ass

  • Pro Black

    Truthteller has a pretty nice maro tho

  • Marquese Dillinger

    sneaking a punch in on somebody thats talking shit is one thing — jumping somebody who sleepin tho?

  • Marquese Dillinger

    LOL i heard that too and was like..he musta meant 20– thought I heard that wrong…white golks get everything for free in this country (j/k)

  • Marquese Dillinger

    should be easy to find..follow the trail of lice.

  • William Cabrera

    That’s some bitch shyt

  • Cali_SunShine


  • Cali_SunShine

    You jumped him in his sleep so naw you hold this L

  • Detroit Hustles Harder

    Black people do this shit all the time

  • Cali_SunShine

    Listen hear 6 mile no black people don’t

  • jmoney j

    What his black Ass doing in a trailer park anyway.

  • Detroit Hustles Harder

    Okay Compton I will

  • Cali_SunShine

    Good come back copy cat