SAVAGE: Dude Catches A Late Night FADE In The Gas Station Parking Lot … Those Head Stomps At The End Though!

  • twinGlock40s

    Motherfuckers watch fight videos for pointers and forget catching hands is full of ? pain

  • Uptown Soul

    Unfair fight, should’ve been stopped it but idk what dude did to get that whoopin tho maybe he deserved that

  • yahmensah

    this guys seems like hes fresh out of jail fighting like an animal he’ll be back in there carrying on like this

  • Johnny threelegs

    Real talk that whole black on black shit needs to chill..getting repetitive seeing same shit,learn to walk away and chill my g’ when I see some uplifting videos

  • Da-truth

    Haha so a dude in shape beat up a 50 year old

  • NORC1

    Such an uplifting Easter video. Stomping on heads seems to be the norm these days. There should be concussion protocol stations in the hood… maybe sit next fight out. How about custom shoe soles to leave your mark on someone’s head?…

  • Bob

    Lmao that’s a old ass man..this shit is said as cred for this pussy ass shit

  • Knowledge Power

    You know a fight use to have some boundaries, and if either of the two fighting when over those boundaries, they would look the fool. Why you people try to kill each other now? Stomping on someones head make you look like a damn psychopath. We must get back our morals and values people. Figure out, if we haven’t already, what “People” are raising their offspring to be without these human traits and do away with them completely. If we do nothing this country is only going to get worse.






    this was sadder than it was entertaining. foh wit this rubbish

  • PsychoBabble

    Beat the crap out of that dude, no need at all for the head stomps, lame tactics.

  • JakeTheSnake

    Nigga in red should have been hung for being a bitch ass nigga

  • Freddy

    Red shorts pussy nigga to scared to let tht man square up again ahaha ha

  • Bob

    Auto correct be like that sometimes..we all know that struggle

  • DjSpankademiks

    Beating up on crackheads and shit

  • Mark James Solley

    I love watching these baboons killing eachother.

  • Michael Weeks Jr.

    Lame ass nigga with them big ass clown shoes. U get no stripes

  • Emperor_Jagi

    Look at the shit we do to each other smh

  • James

    Straight coining out

  • Raw

    What a weak cunt.

  • Richard Hopkins

    Too late. This the walking dead homes.

  • Carlos Spicyweiner

    Is that quarters or dimes?

  • James


  • Ivan

    Why fight in shower shoes(sandals) in the first place.??‍♂️

  • MyOpinionWhat

    like someone said. ” This shit was more sad then entertaining. “. so true.