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NASTY! Tiffany ‘I Love New York’ Pollard Gets TROLLED By Charlamage The God On Her OWN SHOW … ADMITS To F*CKING CRUSTY FLAVOR FLAV MULTIPLE TIMES! Damn He Got Her Lookin DUMB!

Tiffany Pollard aka ‘I Love New York’ interviewed Charlamagne the God for her new VH1 show… But during the interview Charlamagne flipped the script and started asking her PERSONAL QUESTIONS About Flavor Flav… She went on to describe how his eggplant hangs to his KNEES and that he can go on forever! You GOTTA hear this sh*t.

  • Jermaine cole

    Of course! That’s what happens we throw a couple of dollars at a Thot

  • doomhoe

    Lmao it was magical

  • ASAP Rocky Single Mom

    Charlamagne wants to fuck Flav now.

  • Take These L’s


  • Dont matta

    Who didnt know my man flav brought that pussy?

  • MyOpinionWhat

    Its more of Charlamagne hating on Flavor Flav.

  • DjSpankademiks

    This bitch proud of fucking a crackhead. Of course he can go forever, bitch he smokes CRACK!

  • Grime boss

    ill she a nasty hoe and she admitting it foh

  • Drunq

    Disgusting bitch

  • William Bouldin

    hoes will suck dragon dick if it came with the right price

  • Yelojon

    She got paid tho

  • Neil

    that was kinda funny he looked like he wanted to throw up lmao

  • PsychoBabble

    I think its Charlamagne that came off worse, tried to make it sound nasty af but only ended up in her revealing Flav is a huge dicked mf that can fuck the hoes all night long, fail lol

  • Can Somebody Please Beat Charlamagne’s Ass Already?! I Can’t Stand Him!!!

  • unknown428

    That pussy got a lot of miles on it

  • Booty Doo Gang #squad

    his last comment low key ethered her at the end…..

  • Lord Supreme


  • Lord Supreme

    Damn, girl!! Big dick don’t change the fact that your standards are fucked. You fucked a skeleton wrapped in electrical tape.

  • William Bouldin

    it already happened i think lil kim sent goons at him

  • Christy

    Lol.. Dying laughing ova here

  • Christy

    Bitch said ‘it was magical’… sure was bitch.
    Nigga stuck his dick inside u and money magically appeared in ur account.

  • PsychoBabble

    – steals Jeff Ross jokes

  • Naaaahhh That Don’t Count They Barely Touched Him, And He Ran Away….. Nah I’m Talking Bout A Gotdamn Beatdown, Leaking And Sleeping. Fuck That!!!


    This niggaz uh dickeater and uh hater what a combination

  • Def

    She had some work done these hoes are no longer genuine human beings anymore…