CRAZY BRAWL Breaks Out At HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGE Alcorn State University … They TORE UP The Entire MESS HALL!!

  • NORC1

    Is that a Trump protest? Wait- never mind…

  • yahmensah

    why the hell do i hear a cow in there, also the fella in the thumbnail got his ass kicked several times go to class young fella and get an education you not built for that

  • Johnny threelegs

    Dudes trying to grow out their hair were getting handled,lol..short hair dudes were like fuck that pretty boy shit ???

  • Booty Doo Gang #squad

    Where the BLM protesters at?

  • G.O.A.T

    historic black college hahahahha good joke

  • Jermaine cole

    Niggas not worried they might get kicked out of college for this shit?


    Steve McNair rolling over in his grave

  • Glen Mccray


  • White Face

    All I want is hos
    Big booty hos

  • MyOpinionWhat

    I tell you what is wrong with black youth. They have a chip on their shoulders from growing up that they need to be a bad ass or they are fucking bitches. So of course shit like this will happen eventually.

  • LOUD_is_good4-lungs?

    Bunch of soft ass niggas

  • Freddy

    Lol am I the only one that hears moo in all that commotion?

  • Ulrick Jr RealestOne

    lol I hear it too wtf !

  • Q WorldStar Admin

    At least dude shot the vid in landscape mode

  • Drunq

    Lol this is exactly what I thought a black college would be like…

  • Deer in Headlight

    Anyone else hear a cow mooing?

  • My boogers hard like furniture

    Planet of the apes. Black ppl r very entertaining

  • My boogers hard like furniture

    Black college = oxymoron

  • Neil

    Musta ran out of chicken

  • Neil

    lmao yup

  • Neil


  • Neil

    having a orgy with antifa and the rest of those sjws then again now that soros is dead they might have to find jobs.

  • Neil

    lmao the cow lmao

  • Riq2X

    Not really surprised da college full of niggaz fightz r gonna happen buh at da same token fightz happen at erry fuccin’ college

  • Raw

    Not one chair broken or window smashed. Faggots.

  • Raw

    I thought there was a cow out the front of my place. ?

  • Neil

    lol was funny shit mooo dam i laughed so hard kept looking over my shoulder like where the fuck is that coming from lol

  • Ivan


  • Souless


  • Truth

    Nigs will always be just that