Brawl Breaks Out At Walmart … Dude Takes A ROUND HOUSE RIGHT And Gets KNOCKED OUT!

Happened in Hesperia, California

  • Mr Hall

    Laid his ass down

  • UnTrust

    What the fuck is a “roundhouse right”?

  • Drunq

    Lol I can’t wait for the world to just burn to the ground…

  • Neil

    This is why they already practiced using walmarts as interment camps


    Looks like Batman is on sale for .98 cents!

  • iToledo

    He sleep!!!

  • Allofyoudontknowshit

    Black terminology


    Over 30 women and not one dime piece.
    Whatever state this is they got some fugly women.

  • James

    Lol America Being Great Again lmao

  • James

    That’s Truthteller He’s snoring lmao keep them niqqa jokes behind your screen

  • Greezy4sheezy

    Da fuck is a round house right? Lol

  • twinGlock40s

    Git your flim Flaring out my favorite‚Äč stop

  • DjSpankademiks

    Nighty night, keep your bunghole tight!

  • JakeTheSnake

    ^^^ Shit that fags say

  • Q WorldStar Admin

    How you zoom in AFTER the fight is over?
    Gutta takes another L for havin niggas squintin trying to see this wack ass fight

  • Q WorldStar Admin

    Too much street fighter 2 video games for gutta

  • Bang Bang

    camera woman far than motherfucker

  • Booty Doo Gang #squad

    Walmart like this no matter what city

  • DjSpankademiks

    Takes a fag to know what they say, thanks for clearing that up for us.


    Nah we got some bad cashiers,they just under paid and grumpy.


    Clean up in the juniors department asap

  • DjSpankademiks

    You always find the classiest people of all the different races at walmart.

  • Those of us with avdanced degrees shop at Target. Walmart is for ghetto trash.
    – Walter

  • same here cuh.

  • NORC1

    If you see a group of 3 or more at Walmart- run!


    I aint see no round house

  • T.

    Round house my ass that little midget fuck snuck behind him and sucker punched him ?

  • My boogers hard like furniture

    Must of been first of the month

  • Bob

    98 cent food always makes the ratchets come through

  • XB Mario

    I CANT STAND NIGGAS!!!!!!!!!!

  • PlayBoy mullah

    So sit ya faggots Ass down nigga lover!

  • PlayBoy mullah

    Really kam man? So pussy to get alil kloser to da action but wanna zoom in??? L

  • JakeTheSnake

    Move along fag

  • MVP LeBeautiful James

    Black people always claim racism , but love to start drama.

  • DjSpankademiks

    You projecting again

  • Mike Jones

    so what? I am sure your random lame comment just ruined a BLACK ‘s life.. Lame..

  • Mike Jones

    Is that why so many fat white boeboes are in there?

  • My boogers hard like furniture

    Y u mad tho.

  • Mike Jones


  • Christy

    Family that shops together, fights together

  • slopjaw

    It must have been the 1st or the 15th

  • StrangerDanger

    Dam, you see those sale prices?!

  • Javier Camuy

    Food stamp season danm all those carts full to the top lol. Dude got knocked out.

  • vanillathrilla

    jumping up and down, hootin and hollerin and getting excited… when its not your business. I dont get yall

  • Jonathan Riddle

    I’m sorry but if your surrounded by another race run!! Grown man knows he’s gonna get sucker punched or jumped. That’s any race. At least put your back to a wall.

  • NOshanti

    nigga said

  • 420rellyrell

    Call it a set an finish….