2 Guys LOSE IT Inside Walmart … Little Kid Dancing Around Like He See This Shit All The Time!

  • Bane

    Funny how my guy got super loud when they left.
    SN: lmao the person recording was a true videographer, didn’t even interact with the cast.

  • Johnny threelegs

    Let’s have some sense people,stop giving these trash ass websites,videos to exploit us…dudes are better than this and chill with thinking saying nigga,nikka,niggah is cool..learn some fucking self worth fellas and learn new words for description

  • Johnny threelegs

    Buddy,dude, sparky,him,he..not too hard

  • Carlos Spicyweiner

    Did you just give yourself suggestions nikka? I mean come on buddy how hard is it to make a new post my dude? Bye nigga

  • Bob

    That was a whole lotta nothing

  • Jonathan Riddle

    She wants to say something to people not involved but yet her brother keeps trying to fight, what’s wrong with people in the U.S. You ask, your fucking brother to start the list.

  • Knowledge Power


  • Skinheadtoad #toadsquad

    Ole weak ass nigga dont really wanna fight or he wouldnt be letting that bitch hold him back


    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! is that wheelbarrow on sale for $1.37??


    Jonathan, accept this upvote for readin’ my mind


    this site is a whole lotta nothin’ these days -_-




    Gutta be postín just to post shit

  • PsychoBabble

    Faggots sounding off, if any of them wanted to fight the fat-ass girl wouldn’t have stopped it, 100% pure faggots.


    Kick his ass Seabass!!!

  • Jonathan Riddle

    Great minds think alike kinfolk

  • Freddy

    They all pussies no hands were thrown in the making of this video

  • Neil

    She yelled out wtf is wrong with the united states? more like her mans a fool for arguing with 3 mans while he has his bitch and kid beside him and risk his kid getting hurt buts it’s everyone’s fault but her mans thats whats wrong. Entitlement is a sickness

  • Neil

    Brother oh I thought it was her man and that little kid was his same shit anyways and agree.

  • Noble King ?

    If this bitch don’t move on god she made me mad as fuck

  • Trumpalldayfobama

    That’s y I don’t go to black neighborhoods walmart too manny wanna be niggers

  • twinGlock40s

    Strrrraight drrroop

  • Mark James Solley

    Coconut heads can’t control themselves.

  • LOUD_is_good4-lungs?

    Pussy ass niggas

  • Fred nanders iii

    All that has no relevance

  • Fred nanders iii

    At all, either fight or go tf home

  • LGEnzo

    Black people by far are the worst parents. At least they slap them around when they’re young and annoying unlike Mexicans who let their kids run everywhere because they had 10 of them.

  • G_Dubb71

    Black mofos that get pissed off always say the same things…What’s up my nigga, On my mom’s nigga, and bitch ass nigga. Is there some kind of book out there that shows you how to argue?? Lol. I’m black but damn

  • Black girl with weave in her head: “You’re gonna stand there and record. Somebody call 911. What the fuck is wrong with the United States?” Pure comedy.

  • I guess it’s a learned behavior.


    Dumb cracker recording

  • My boogers hard like furniture

    Dumb blacks . Can’t take em anywhere.

  • Jonathan Riddle

    Hell maybe, but that lil won’t stand a chance when he’s older. White or black, no one teaches their kids to be men anymore

  • Cali_SunShine

    What is funny about that

  • G_Dubb71

    Learned behavior for some lol

  • Hahahaumadtho

    Talked All​ that shit but didn’t bust a grape

  • Neil

    Most boys grow up without fathers is why they are so mad. Sadly I have to agree with you.