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ZERO F*CKS: Mini BRAWL Breaks Out In Lancaster, PA Restaurant .. Girl THROWIN HANDS But Check Out The Person Getting SPILLED On Still Eating Their ONION RINGS LOL

  • Custom trip

    Want some ketchup bitch?

  • Neil

    If that chick had more of an under bite she’d swallow her head.

  • JO-JO’s world

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  • JO-JO’s world

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  • Dodson Gray

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  • Dodson Gray

    #Lancaster 1717

  • factsonly

    Failed pre-school!

  • Jermaine cole

    Didn’t see nobody eating onion rings u dumb lying making up shits fucks! U just seen onion rings not nobody eating them


    Them Meskin broads go hard

  • Custom trip

    You sound retarded as fuck….

  • €hin £ee

    To the far right of the onion rings u can see the person’s hand

  • €hin £ee

    I see a lot of booty n my face


    Nigga talking bout she nice them bitches look like mexicans in the body

  • Johnny threelegs

    Did someone say As-salamu alaykum ????

  • Mark James Solley
  • Alex Martinez

    Bitch in the green savage
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  • pill_popper

    left her leakin

  • Javier Camuy

    I heard that shit happened at park city diner wtf ??

  • Future Spices

    She thick af


    Yup. A spaniard

  • TG Boss

    this video was submitted to us exclusively fuck boy by the guy who recorded it. dont try and come for us… most of our videos we put out end up on WS the next day or a week later. fuck up outta here with your lies. ppl know we #1

  • Johnny threelegs

    Once you hear Allah Akbar that’s when it’s serious


    Lmao, I’m already hipped.

  • SiSi Allergictobs Cannon

    ?…???…?! I’m dead and a half!!!!….thats halarious…