Woman Records Herself BEATING Her Two Kids Cuz Her Man Won’t Come Home … Listen To The THREAT She Makes! FIND THIS B*TCH!

  • joe

    damn what is wrong with this woman

  • Neil

    Foul ass bitch!

  • Bill_Cosby_oncRak

    Back to Mexico

  • •YOUNG•LEVAR• #Not Racist

    My kind of women

    – wshh commentators

  • PsychoBabble

    whats that word im looking for? oh yeah, cunt.

  • Mac Daddy Santa

    Glad i wear condoms

  • Tony Romo ha got em’

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  • crack attack

    Hey Walter, ya better get on home. Ya girl is lookin fa ya…


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  • Metatrons Cube

    No eye for an eye here. She needs to be removed.


    -Speaking from experience.

  • Dafranchize11

    When the black family of the lil girl sees this all hell is gonna break loose

  • Guest

    I’m not one for snitching but this bitch cannot be walking these streets freely……


    respect for the captions on these videos lately… seems like you grew a soul

  • Big G

    Worthless bitch

  • StillSquidbilly

    You scum of the earth bitch. I hope they beat your ass real good in jail. Maybe even kill you in that MF.

  • Dinoman

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  • Bryant P

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  • Nick

    Hopefully they find, trial, and hang this cunt.

  • Amanda Marshall

    Wow. What a piece of fuckin shit.

  • bad guy

    Im sure the kids wish they was wit they daddy and probably said so to her face.

  • Dark’N’Love Cali Girl

    This is horrible. I’m not a mommy yet but this made me cry. I couldn’t see why on earth you could hurt a child. God help them and send this pink funky stank white bitch to prison

  • €hin £ee

    I wish I knew this witch. I’d give her name and address on here so we all could get our share of beating her azz.

  • Dre Williams

    That ain gon make him come home white trash


    Yeah that goin to get results. Take the fat bitch out back and put her out her misery. U shouldn’t have had them. Piece of shit.

  • Walter’s Mom

  • ElEsDee

    ??? FIND THIS BITCH before she kills these precious babes.. the look of horror on the older child’s face is stomach turning ?

  • Yukum

    Fucken hate people like this!!!!

  • Yukum

    then they wonder why skyler goes around shooting people 20 years from now

  • Mike9130


  • Christy

    Holy shit.. For once the title was correct..
    She gunna get whats comin and believe me it ain’t pretty

  • Christy


  • Dred Whitehead✳️

    You Need To Deport This Bitch A S A P
    ( even if she was born here ) ?

  • Bodega Band$$

    Shit white bitches do ?

  • James

    No comments from Walter or any of the bigots lmao wonder why

  • ricanlove82

    She didn’t want to miss the bus n the D cause home boy said if she’s late hes not going to b waiting to give her the D so she knew she wasn’t gonna get any so this is what she did to the kids fucking slutty whore hope that guy gives her aids

  • ricanlove82

    Hello Cali girl I need some Cali love wanna go half on a baby since u got none yet I make beautiful babies

  • Mr. Absolution

    Bruh if I saw my mom doing that to my siblings I’d piece her up real quick.

  • jay mood

    Yea especially the”perfect” ones.. Let that sink in

  • Christy

    Ok… Anyword on who dis bitch is and where she from?. No facebook link’s or nuthin?

  • jay mood

    Nall,That’s back to Europe

  • Dark’N’Love Cali Girl

    Ok if my main thang doesn’t work out I’ll definitely hit you up. Don’t worry I would never put you on child support either

  • Mr Hall

    Rot in “Hell” bitch



  • Javier Camuy

    Address and name plz ill be over asap to silenced this bitch wtf ??

  • Gotta do better

    White shit

  • shes not white dumb fuck

  • vanillathrilla

    shes from baltimore, got arrested yesterday. All her shit blasted on facebook, just type her name in and read the comments

  • vanillathrilla

    Baltimore, she was arrested yesterday. Few years ago her daughter got taken away. Type her name in facebook you can read all the comments.

  • Bizz

    White women strive

  • Jermaine cole

    How sway?! If we don’t know her fucking name? Idiot

  • vanillathrilla

    Well pardon me, thought you would have known it since its ALL OVER THE DAMN INTERNET. Rachel Pietro. There ya go. Signed, idiot .

  • Miguel_angel

    I’d call the cops on the way home and hope they get there before I do.

  • Dark’N’Love Cali Girl

    Yeah you right

  • ricanlove82

    Ok hit me up to sho I’m on that eastcoast

  • JakeTheSnake

    I hope they find her and hang her immediately

  • vanillathrilla

    was worth a try i guess.

  • FallenAngel

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  • Christy


  • NORC1

    Them kids have no future. Pitiful. She needs to kill herself.

  • Christy

    Gutta announcement:
    Good news: bitch is locked up.
    Bad news: she still breathing

  • nathan forrest

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  • Christy

    Hey… That type of foolery is beneath shit.. U way@ the bottom. That is a lil girl, u troll..

  • White Michael Jackson

    I can understand beating yo kids but use a belt and dont record it.

  • StillSquidbilly

    You also believe in dangling babies off the balcony.

  • StillSquidbilly

    Is your father, your uncle, or a dog?

  • StillSquidbilly

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  • Raw

    If I was the dad, as soon as I got home, no talking, just left and rights till the bitch had no more teeth. Finish off with one last blow job, take the kids and never see that hoe again.

  • BigBrother

    You understand to hit an unarmed child that can’t fight back. In other words you’re a piece of shit. I would break your nose if i saw you do that.

  • BigBrother

    Seriously people spread this video and just hope someone recognizes this piece of shit.

  • Ninjapleez

    Rachel Pietro

  • Custom trip

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  • Raw

    Rachel Pietro

  • Raw
  • There is no mafia ?

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  • nathan forrest

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  • Christy

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  • White Michael Jackson

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  • White Michael Jackson

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  • StillSquidbilly

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  • SuperCrackerBitch

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  • Marie Baker

    Only problem is they’re on Steve Wilkos right now and her man abuses the kids too….. It’s a lose lose for these kids. but Steve Wilkos reported them and pushed everything. The dumb asses went to the show to get a DNA…. LMFAO Someone came with them and well she told Steve about everything.