Ratchet Catastrophe In The STREETS Over ONE F*ckin Dude … D*ck Must Be Shootin 100 Dollar Bills!

  • Tony Romo ha got em’

    This is old af I saw this episode three years ago on animal planet lol ??

  • Johnny threelegs

    Not 1 has or will ever have a h.s diploma,the company you keep dictates your life 99% of the time,be with ratchet chicken heads and you’ll compare yourself only to ratchet chicken heads..sad video


    Gotta love black drama

  • Neil

    Shame no one ran these hoes over.

  • Mad Opinionz

    Smh I wouldn’t fuck a single chick there. They all look nasty tbh

  • James

    Spoken like a true inbred hillbilly

  • Take These L’s

    Smh Ugly Hoes These Days…….

  • factsonly

    Meanwhile dude they fighting over not pulling out getting another bitch pregnant while these hoes get lumped like some extra chunky brownies!

  • Mark

    Dammm girl got rocked repeatedly .bet that face all lumped up


    My dick be shooting out bills

  • amber

    Camera man sounded fat as fuck