Mcdonald’s Employee BEATS THE F*CK Out Of CUSTOMER … Even Dumped The GARBAGE CAN On His HEAD!

  • Metatrons Cube

    Something tells me that was justified. He was swinging with passion.

  • moeskino ceasealeo

    Looks like ice tea not a fucking garbage can…. But never the less; e got his ASS WHIPPED!!!!

  • 420 Blazer

    typical pussy nigga picking on someone who trying to earn honest living get his ass BEAT now he wana come back and shoot a nigga smh

  • Def

    What is taking off the shirt gonna do????

  • Def

    You sit down an think abu dat ass Whoopn dats what you do….

  • 420 Blazer

    he was going for round two he still stuck 5 minutes before before he got that ass whoppin it hasnt caught up to his ass yet

  • Def


  • ASAP Rocky Single Mom

    He hit with a few whoppers and dumped tea on his head.

  • 420 Blazer

    this mcd not burger king cuh

  • ASAP Rocky Single Mom

    I know cuh. But whoppers sounded better than big macs.


    That nose pop at 10 sec mark lmao!!!

  • PsychoBabble

    he’ll get fired and wont be there anyway.

  • Walter

    They’re even wearing zooyork hoodies hahahahhaha fucking culture vultures

  • Carlos Spicyweiner

    No…. you dump trash… leave the iced tea…

  • Carlos Spicyweiner

    You bring this shit to my place of business….. now I get fired for a reason

  • moeskino ceasealeo

    That look like that good sweet as tea too

  • marxmen55

    shut up whitey….no one gives a fuck about you

  • JP

    Offset got put back in line

  • JP

    That sweet tea some of the best around.

  • JP

    Kys with fire faggot

  • Dinoman

    Lmao- Humans

  • NORC1

    Dude won the lottery- if he gets the right lawyer!☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️

  • Ivan

    ?You wild!! ?

  • Ivan

    Dang what a vicious beat down!! Too bad now he lost his Job

  • Raw

    Trying to get all that wet Coca Cola from the bin off him ?

  • Jr316316

    Hey dumbass that wrote the title he got him with the iced tea

  • Akademik99

    Would you like fries with that sir?

  • Treal Hero

    I wonder what dude did Cause he sure Got the ass whooped Lol

  • Walnutty4life

    What you say about my momma niga???that left thoug..he need to be in a boxing ring not a burger ring

  • Zach Gettincatsfreshouthere Gr

    Lemonade machine not trashcan

  • Zach Gettincatsfreshouthere Gr