Man Ran His Mouth Too Long And Got His AZZ BEAT By Dude HALF His Size!


    Niggas be howling like apes

  • Crazybull

    Nigga went full Homer Simpson for a minute

  • ASAP Rocky Single Mom

    Apparently long dreads are a liability in a street fight.


    No shit. When I had locs, I was the most respectful and calm dude ever. Last thing u want is for someone to swing u around a parking lot by ur dreads

  • Percy Washington

    Having locks appears to be a liability in majority of these street fights; I notice that most dudes with the locks are away getting their hair pulled, easily thrown to the ground & face pounded. These fools better go back to sporting the waves, LOL

  • Javier Camuy

    Apparently there was a duck on site lmao

  • Johnny threelegs

    “He didn’t knock nobody out,show it to me…I’ve been fighting”
    You’ve been taking losses since you had a baldy,lol..little dude showed you..big up my g,fuck that loud mouth tv gangsta


    Why they always hollerin like chimpanzees tho

  • Knowledge Power

    even making the noises of these creatures, they are more like them than not and there is no denying that.

  • Neil

    To bad no one beat the guy filming for yelling like a fucking ape.

  • Neil

    Try getting picked up by your sideburns

  • USVI- SoJahseh

    Them niggas act like they are allergic to cleaning their yard. A few pallets of new sod won’t hurt either.

  • JakeTheSnake

    Weak ass fight. All they did was wrestle and throw a few punches to the back of the head. Unless you knock his teeth out, break his nose or completely destroy his face you didnt beat anyones ass

  • Neil

    Dad would do that when I was bad lol shit hurts like fuck heh

  • ASAP Rocky Single Mom



    lol holy shit, so many questions…
    1. how fukin’ bad were u?
    2. were u particularly hairy? I don’t know many kids with sideburns
    3. did u get therapy?

  • Neil

    Bad heh and you don’t need elvis sideburns all people have them beside your ears lol and ya but i ended up fucking 2 of them then they didn’t give me females anymore and the last guy just cried was just pathetic. Never got how people feel better after talking about the same shit over and over and i don’t fuck with pills so meh

  • Sir Knight Hiram Abiff

    Box Chevys, box Crown Vics, and a bunch of niggas with nothing better to do. I’m so glad I grew outta that shit and got outta the hood. Every since I’ve been blessed. I still ride through and Holla at these type dudes jus to let em know I ain’t forget where I came from, break a Lil bread, and show a Lil love but don’t stay long.

  • Christy

    All that fuckin screaming..

  • CmonBrothaa

    Someone needs to edit the video and have homer popn in and out the video lmao

  • Au7

    This comment is jokes ?