Dude Goin HAM On A Chick For NOT Going THROUGH Red Light!

  • Mark

    Stupid ass video

  • €hin £ee

    I feel like this guy all week long

  • SteadyKeepinIt1000



    This site trash 100% just for this video


    why is this on here?!

  • TrumpsAConCongratsIdiots!!

    Women in general… cant drive.. stay in the kitchen

  • yahmensah

    fuck this dude he was dead ass wrong, making her go thru a red light

  • jojo

    I guess you don’t drive then. The light wasn’t for her. Do you really think the designed the lights to go green just to run into a red one a few yards away

  • Booty Doo Gang #squad

    but yet you’re here giving them hits dumbass

  • OneEyedMonster

    This shit better than anything WS has uploaded