Dude Gets Sick Of His Neighbor And HANDLES HIM … Dude Can’t Even WALK After That!

  • Killyourface


  • Guest

    Chali murphaaay!!!!….What did the five fingers say to the face??…..??

  • Metatrons Cube

    That was a slap…… If he punched he wouldn’t be walking. Dude was probably stumbling over to thank him for sparing his life.

  • Michael Weeks Jr.

    This is my city Monroe, Louisiana. Corner of s.3rd and Beuguard

  • Johnny threelegs

    Dude was tired of him borrowing shit without returning it,he smacked him sober

  • kntuky

    DAAAAAAAYYYYYYYUUUUUMMMMM Slaped that ass with authority! ROFL

  • Lord Supreme

    GOOD LAWD!!! ????

  • Walter

    The Fuck kinda half build dirty ass driveway houses do they have these ppl living in lol

  • Manbearpig

    “He slapped the Puerto Rican princesses out his ass!!”

  • Alex Martinez

    Really dude u ca lie we would not know Why would you claim that shitty hood

  • – Slim Jesus


    Pimp hand is strong with this one. Knock him into another dimension.

  • ASAP Rocky Single Mom

    This shit was legendary. Sure to bring increase in tourism.

  • Carlos Spicyweiner

    Grown ass man doing karate

  • Michael Weeks Jr.

    Dumb ass nigga I said my city. That’s the south side and I’m from the east. We don’t do no faking in the south fuckboy

  • Michael Weeks Jr.

    U see my real name bitch. Pull up

  • Theodore Tucker

    They still have those in parts of the south. In the real rural area outhouses. No street lights, no WiFi.

  • Theodore Tucker

    That was like Dolby surround sound. Slap heard from a cross the street.He walked over calm and leisurely and “whap!” An old alky was slapped back into adolescence.

  • ASAP Rocky Single Mom

    Who lit the firecracker?

  • Shun

    They need to take a bull dozer and tear down the whole damn block then.

  • Big Game James

    Louisiana niggas don’t fuck around. No talking, no taunting just fight. I represent Shreveport.

  • Michael Weeks Jr.

    Yea. That’s the good tho. Don’t let it speak for the whole city

  • Michael Weeks Jr.

    I-20 niggaz stand up

  • jmoney j

    Slapped ? out that nigga

  • Johnny threelegs

    He smacked the pig feet taste out his mouth ????

  • Mr Hall

    No talking or questions asked straight to the point flat on his ass.

  • Q WorldStar Admin
  • Javier Camuy

    Shit sounded like firecrackers ???

  • Walter

    Lol peices of shit

  • Walter

    – comment cheerleader

  • Walter

    Get your stupid faggot gay world star moron Q wannabe pics and humor outta here you fag

  • Jermaine cole


  • JakeTheSnake

    Niggas dont even like other niggas

  • Booty Doo Gang #squad

    no one does

  • Q WorldStar Admin

    Uh-Oh, grandma let him use her computer again Lol

  • Jonathan Riddle

    WHat bike??

  • Christy

    A causal walk outside ur house with flip flops on.. ??

  • Ivan

    ?Dang!!!! at least put some baby powder on your hands before you slap his soul out of his body

  • Big G

    Slapped the Puerto rican Christmas outta him


    I’m amazed at how unexpectedly quick he slapped that nigga….cant even mimic his slapping from, should be in the slap hall of fame