Despicable: Mother TIES Her Young SON To RAILINGS With PLASTIC CORD As Punishment!

  • Dєαℓ ωιт ιт

    Punish that lil chink

  • €hin £ee

    That’s not the way to punish.sbes wrong

  • Bodega Band$$

    This bitch wildin


    I hope when she was younger her father used to slam her head into a wall

  • Mark

    Id like to find her n torture her ass


    She doing the right thing,seen a shit load of little Johnny Tangs get ran over in China.

  • crack attack

    I’d bust her in the pussy with my meat nunchuck. Hiiiiiiiyah beotch!

  • Mr. Absolution

    Nothing he can do, this look like China the kings and queens of minding they own business.

  • Raw

    Wish I was there. I would have punched that Asian sluts teeth out.

    Finishing move would be me jamming my fist that far up her asshole, I’d tickle her tonsils.