DAMN: Man ESCAPES Police By Jumping Onto Semi Truck!

  • Alex Martinez

    GTA nigga

  • Secci

    He’s far from escaped

  • Bill_Cosby_oncRak

    Should of play the cop, n hop on the cop car n be ggggooooonnneeeeeeee

  • A U G U S T 16

    Puuuuuuuusy ass nigga

  • TH

    Omg. Like totally focus yo shit Becky!

  • Nasty

    I thought they said he escaped… That mutha fucka ain’t goin nowhere. Click bait

  • KingChellz The Only King

    White bitches are annoying ass fuck…..”OH MY GAWWWDD”…..STFU BITCH!!!


    Would you fuck tho?

  • guestsmh

    White bitches can’t ever mind their business yo ?

  • KingChellz The Only King

    I might if she had a banging ass body with a onion booty.

  • Rastafarian_King

    These white bitches would never make it… “I’m scared” but let me stop and wind down the windows to video the situation. lol

  • Walter

    WIND down the windows? IF you don’t have automatic windows in 2017 kill yourself

  • Walter


  • Walter

    Yet black bitches instagram everything even crimes and child abuse

  • Mark

    Horible title..i was waitin to see a guy get away

  • KingChellz The Only King


  • Rastafarian_King

    lmfao stupid ass nigga it a SAYING… All my cars are 2013+ and have auto..
    But that’s not the point of the comment.. Reachin ass nigga

  • Walter

    It a saying ? Jesus Christ you ppl

  • Walter

    – gayo

  • Ryan.Dunn

    I’m with u buddy

  • Walter

    Could never be

  • Jermaine cole

    Ummmm how did he get away again?

  • Apah3


  • Custom trip

    Plot twist= Dude traps himself on top of a truck….

  • Raw

    Dumb bitches drive off when things were going to get interesting.

  • Black supremacist

    Just pretend he’s black and shoot em 17 times he’ll fall off that truck for sure

  • baebicakes504



    Thought he was gonna hop on the back of that bih like they do the dumpster trux

  • mocha brown

    Their voices hurt my ears