Check Out The AZZ On This Chick, You Won’t Be Forgetting It ANY Time Soon!

  • This world is sad

    That’s nasty…

  • Reppin Da Bay


  • KingChellz The Only King

    I’ll fuck

  • unknown428

    I mean seriously…The bitch don’t even look human



  • scla420rep

    Lmfao!!! At the gym like she works out.

  • Mac Daddy Santa

    Hit it now while it looks half way decent.

  • bad guy

    That shit hang like its filled wit ball bearings and piss. Foh


    That thang gonna be hangin like two titties in ten years..!

  • ricanlove82

    That ass fake like Niki minaj

  • Mark

    Thats jus nasty asf

  • Sir Knight Hiram Abiff

    I am most definitely an ass man. I love a fat ass and a thin waist but this is rediculous. Too damn much. And once a bitches ass is so big it’s harder to keep it clean. Nobody wants to be hitting it from the back and smell straight asshole and I’m speaking from experience. I had a bitch wit about half the ass she got and she would take a shower and if I wait 6-8 hours b4 fuckin I would smell ass.

  • Sir Knight Hiram Abiff

    I’m witcha hommie. I love Phat asses but dats too damn much. Pass dat shitty ass to the next guy.

  • Sir Knight Hiram Abiff

    Gotta hit dat 5 mins out da shower. And u might wanna help er out wit dat to make sure it’s fresh. Trust me hommie I know.


    Shit look like a retard decided to make a human

  • Ryan.Dunn

    Add for days!!!

  • Kenneth Roach

    LOL, a real LMAO. All of that shit you said is funny and real. Tears in my eyes. When them cheeks come apart, nothing but ass gas. Man that shit is funny, and needs to be posted on every bad ass.

  • Tony Romo ha got em’


  • Tony Romo ha got em’

    Look like two deployed airbags from a 98 Volvo .. disgusting

  • Jermaine cole

    Nasty that butch go die from that shit

  • Jermaine cole


  • Christy

    Shout out.. I had a 98 volvo.. ?

  • Christy

    Can we say ‘too much sauce’

  • puchito


  • MR M.O.M

    Man that deformed shit ain’t nowhere near decent.

  • Dont matta

    Id buttfuck this bitch while i told her what a dumb hoe she is.

  • PsychoBabble

    Her mom fucked a Camel.

  • amber

    Couldn’t even watch the whole video this shit look nasty as fuck!

  • Metatrons Cube

    How are you going to say phat and dats but use too properly.

  • Metatrons Cube

    I’d like to think I’d say no….


    I would fuck the shit out of that bitch ass

  • StillSquidbilly

    Bitch, sit that fake, injected with cement ass down. That shit stiff ass fuck. Must be rubber cement, because it damn sure don’t shake like jello.


    Ctfu bitch pussy fat as shit but I honestly would look stupid trying to figure out what to do with all that ass

  • ElEsDee

    I don’t know what’s worse, the “song” or her “ass” ???

  • Vin Jones

    The worst fake ass of 2017!

  • Jérôme

    I wouldn’t touch that bitch with someone else dick…

  • G_Dubb71

    Damn I bet her ass smell like sweaty boiled bologna

  • Ryan.Dunn

    What are u talking about