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Bronx EMT Killer Jose Gonzalez Goes INSANE On Police Kicks Out WINDOW And Tells Female COP To S*CK HIS D*CK! He Won’t STOP!

The crazed ex-con accused of fatally driving over an FDNY medic with her own ambulance violently kicked out a police van window while hurling insults at cops less than a month ago. Jose Gonzalez, 25, was arrested and put in the NYPD vehicle after allegedly robbing someone in The Bronx on Feb. 25 around 4:30 a.m. The purported Bloods gang member nicknamed “Breezy Blood” then kicked and shattered the windshield of the van, parked on West 182nd Street and Davidson Avenue in Fordham Heights.

  • factsonly

    Why the fuck he was not in jail! This nigga has multiple arrest for violent offenses …the judges that keep letting this nigga out need to be investigated …now an EMT a mother of four is dead the family needs to demand answers!

  • Mike9130

    This guy sounds like a straight up lunatic

  • Johnny threelegs

    Fuck that low life,no good for anything,bitch ass cock sucker,let the goons in rikers than Elmira run a train on this homo,rip his ass up

  • Mike9130

    On another note though the guy that ran over the EMT was caught at the scene so this is non related.

  • Neil

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    No-Snitch policy is why these people are roaming the streets.


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  • Alex Martinez

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  • Bolo Yeung

    Typical shit talking spic

  • bad guy

    He need that freddy gray ride downtown lol.

  • bad guy

    So what no anitching.the streets handle they problems just like prison.
    #nosnitching lmao

  • €hin £ee

    I wish I instigate what’s going on to get on his nerve loud mouth azz


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  • PimpinAintNoIllusi0n

    Someone help me out, I been out the streets for a little minute. Do niggaz get stripes for killing emt staff these days? Let a nigga know!

  • This is what I don’t understand about current and former street cat’s from my generation. You all have rules pertaining to killing and snitching, but couldn’t care less about pimping vulnerable women and selling hard drugs to your own people. You all have no concern for your communities and the families that are impacted my your misdeeds. But god forbid anyone kills an EMT worker. Smh

  • Bane

    Exactly lol get “stripes” for killing an opposing gang member who is more than likely a member of your own race, but it’s not ok to kill an EMT. lol slowly loosing hope in our race.

  • JP

    Inside he’s crying like a bitch cause he knows they sticking this nigga with the needle as soon as his bs appeals are over. Have fun in hell simp.


    Lock this nigga up for life


    all things considered, at least there’s still one moral principle everyone can agree on (don’t kill the EMTs)


    Lol what kinda crazy ass world do you fucking wierdos live in that you expect your chaos to be structured. Lmaoo clowns.


    I do not condone hurting others lol i just think its funny how hes barking at the cops

  • This conversation is beyond your comprehension. No one has said anything about expecting “chaos” to be “structured.”

  • Walter

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  • Walter

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  • Walter

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  • Walter

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  • Knowledge Power

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  • Walter

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  • Walter

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  • Walter

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  • bad guy

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  • Walter

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  • Ryan.Dunn

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  • Walter

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  • Raw

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    not expecting anything — just gotta be grateful for small favors.


    Save the city the money and take this piece of $h*t out back and put a bullet in his head.

    De Blasio and his liberal ass judges should be the ones on trial. He assaulted two officers in the last year and he was out on his own recognizance