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Angry McDonald’s Customer Tries To Jump Into Drive Thru Window And ATTACK The Employee!

  • ASAP Rocky Single Mom

    he ordered a 10 piece

  • Mike9130

    Nigga must’ve order the combo meal

  • PsychoBabble

    WS posting videos of dudes stripping for their girlfriends now, gonna need a neck brace to stop smh


    ppl are crazy

  • Whyohwhy

    Dam people serious about extra ketchup

  • Dark’N’Love Cali Girl

    He said sweet tea not coke

  • Neil

    Just splash some hot oil in his face bet he won’t want to come in anymore….

  • Mark James Solley

    Corny ass bitch.

  • dizzy

    Bitch go to sleep


    Lmaoo nigga set himself up for free punches

  • Andrew All Over

    He’s just showing his appreciation for how good the food was last time.

  • Deer in Headlight


  • Dark’N’Love Cali Girl

    Why do you keep talking to me

  • Ivan

    Dang why don’t some black people respect other black peoples jobs. People trying to make their money and get home not deal with stupidity. We gotta do better than this my people damn.

  • Yucko The Clown

    I would’ve kept him busy and had someone get a boiling pot of water and threw it on his ass.

  • Mr. Absolution

    It’s like Damn nigga, mf can’t even work and make some bread in peace.

  • Cali_SunShine

    You are a stalker

  • Cali_SunShine

    And just a poor white trash lmao u super worried about me you lame ? and blocked from both my accounts but still stalking me.

  • Walter

    Lol what zoo was this ?


    Should’ve sparta kick his ass out the drive-thru window.

  • Mark James Solley

    Mook bitch.

  • Jermaine cole

    He did better off going thru the front door dumb ass

  • yahmensah

    this place seems really ready for a purge type of night anybody who wants to participate hit the streets

  • Put that on something

    Better leave these McDonald’s employees alone!

  • White Michael Jackson

    I would have took his shoe.

  • Bill_Cosby_oncRak

    Should of grab his foot bring him inside the McDonald’s get the kitchen knife n cut him up real nice

  • James

    The same zoo that held the cave bitch that carried you for 7 months. You should’ve stayed the whole 9 lmao


    Wondering if the guy was mad over cold fries

  • Nasty

    He gave em that McPick 2 piece

  • Nasty

    Cuz he thinks you’re sexy, like I do ?

  • Walter

    What’s a cave bitch? Can I see one at the zoo? What enclosure is it in? Is your hairy monkey mother close to it?


    The worker is a fag look at the hand movements

  • James

    A cave bitch is one who dwell’s or who has dwelled in a cave hence the word Caucasian one from the caucus moutains. So your mother & any other female blood relative of you are cave bitches & yes if you visit the zoo you can see them lmao

  • Raw

    Knee bar or ankle lock just waiting to happen but didn’t.

  • Kitty

    mcdonals employe’s are tired of the bullshit lol

  • Walter

    – reason why cops shoot blacks

  • James

    Fear of a black planet? Mad cause his wife wants him to wear dreads when they role play ? Mad cause it took him 3 months to finger her & she let 2 black dudes train her for a sack?

  • Walter

    – typical gay nig response

  • James

    Typical scared small endowed response to mirror his own failures as a man

  • Walter

    Forgot the – so it looks like he’s talking about himself hahahahha such a dumb race hahaha

  • James

    More hillbilly gibberish

  • Walter

    Awwwwww do you need help learning English ? Awewwww monkey boiii

  • James

    Try putting your teeth In so you can stop the gibberish