Woman Gets Savage Surprise From Drunk Sports Fan Behind Her!!!

New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons at The Georgia Dome.

  • SKILZS2000

    Gay.Lanta take the south first L in 2017

  • Don Juan

    -keeping tabs on “Gay lanta” with his bitch ass.

  • SKILZS2000

    didn’t mean to hurt you dl thug feelings. Not my fault you live in the gay TL

  • 33Degreez

    Voice like Luther. Smh.

  • Don Juan

    lol, foh fuck atl and your wack ass city

  • LJ Richards

    Thyroid issues. Her eyes too big!!!

  • Land of the Dread Heads


  • Stop-wearing-weave

    That cracker did that on purpose and would she had been so cool if he was black?

  • phound100

    Thats why i watch games at the crib lol

  • Black Santa

    Lookin like bernie mac

  • Silent_Majority

    She’s the type to go to a game and not wear any sports gear

  • Silent_Majority

    Who cares lol

  • Squidbilly

    – says the gayest nigga ever. Foh fag.



  • Raw

    Fucking Eugene had one beer too many.

  • ?Make America Great Again.

    That guy was drinking Odules

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