Snake Gets CAUGHT In Redback Spider’s Web … RIP!

  • Elon Martin

    Money got breakfast lunch and dinner

  • Tiberiu Mirza

    He better kill that big ass spider before it kills him next. That thing looked huge

  • Riq2X

    Where da fucc wuhz dis at n y da fucc he ain’t shoot dat fuccin’ spider bkuz a shoe damn sure wuhznt gon work❗❗

  • jojo

    Wheres the kill. Damn leave me wanting more

  • JiggyJames


  • Sean Odin esq

    is a redback spider the same as a black widow, or nah?

  • Nope…..

    They’re called black widow in the US, the rest of the world calls them red backs

  • Hollywood hustle

    I think he said “What hood is this in? Why didn’t he grab the heat? You can’t kill that spider with a Nike sample!

  • Trumpletrollskin

    call those black widows where I’m from

  • Raw

    The red back is only found in Australia.

  • Raw

    No. red back is only found in Australia.

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