Dude Gets SHOT During Road Rage Confrontation!

  • big homie number one

    someone break checked me hard today..i was aiming at that fucker the whole way home, just wasn’t loaded.. even found where he lived.. bold cuters + valve stems = a really fucked up day having all the tires remounted and balanced.. if it wasn’t so cold out it would be done already


    Cool story but,why carry unloaded?

  • Tiberiu Mirza

    Lucky it was a leg shot he could of ended your little life

  • Riq2X

    LMMFAO yooooo dat nigga iz a full blooded savage he ain’t give no fuccz

  • big homie number one

    was going to give to a friends wife as xmas present to family but snow came and had asshole driver in front… we dont gift ammo we use it 🙂

  • Walter

    WHo cares

  • True Indeed

    my nigga said hold that!

  • big homie number one

    your baby momma txting me… brb.. she got my money


    I couldn’t imagine giving mine away,they’re like my kids.

  • Walter

    She’s broke

  • Javier Camuy

    Mexico out of control lol