Philadelphia Cop Beats The SH*T Outta Girl During Brawl

An investigation is underway after a police officer was caught on camera swinging at a teen female following a brawl between two groups in Philadelphia. NBC10’s Keith Jones speaks to the teen’s legal guardian and friend.

  • Johnny

    there goes your job ya dumb dyke

  • Silent_Majority

    Try complying ….

  • Guest

    Site is garbage. Videos don’t play half the time

  • We’re experiencing a major overload of traffic, working to get the server stable again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • stephencarlsbad .

    Unruly and disorderly blacks once again, refuse to follow police commands and attack a cop by pushing her and provoke a physical response then play victim. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way!

  • Max T.

    The title of your report/article about the 12 yr old girl who committed suicide is inaccurate.

  • Max T.

    Funny, I immediately assumed the cop was male. Then I watched the video and saw it was actually a female.

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