Dude Gets SMACKED In The FACE By GF After Trying To FLEX On Facebook Live!

  • Inezepps

    Dumbass young nigga!

  • Treal Hero

    &She bad as fuck He trippin stoopid Young nigga beta get his mind Right

  • Divine

    Well shit

  • Sean Odin esq

    pussy ass nigga, fuck that bitch too

  • JP

    You putting the pussy on a pedistal cuz. Hold this L.

  • 4of5804

    Lol niggas need to just stay off facebook live nobody with a life give a fuck about wtf other people doing! Niggas on facebook like worried about wtf other people doing is some female shit real men dont even fuck with that shit we too busy making moves to worry about other motherfuckers!

  • I’M ME


  • Fuckyall13

    Sensitive ass bitch

  • Fuckyall13


  • Fuckyall13

    Fuck that bitch! Because she bad you go let a bitch get away with anything?

  • True Indeed

    this facebook live shit gotta go! jus a buncha nobodys talkin about absolutely NOTHING… shits pathetic, and then the useless fucks who actual sit and watch the shit are even more pathetic.

  • Treal Hero

    Nah but for every action there’s a reaction

  • Bryant P

    Shoutout to you bruh for being one of those pathetics

  • True Indeed

    shout out to ya moms, that head was A1… but her sandwich game need a lil work.

  • marxmen55

    wifey material…..treat her with respect…..or i will slide into her dms