‘My Kid’s Obsession’: Little Girl Obsessed With Collecting Cockroaches! (New Show On TLC)

  • Booty Doo Gang #squad

    im sorry but these are disgusting/degenerate parents

  • Tiberiu Mirza

    Never in my life seen some shit like this.

  • Obey_Smith69

    Tf is this fuckshit.

  • Casey Jones

    Scarface: I bury those cockroaches!

  • Mike Obama

    that was incredible

  • MrTomalu .


  • Melissa Puckett

    You all view her as being weird, but she will one day be a Nobel Prize winning scientist, and more than likely the boss of your children, or at least be paying the majority of your children’s welfare. Wait no, I’m wrong, Trump is gonna change the welfare thing, lol. Good luck with that lazy ass no good, thugs to society, scrubs.


    Dam she looked just like her retarded looking dad.


    Since you can see the future,tell me the numbers to tonight’s Powerball drawing,thanks.


    And I thought my daughters guinea pigs were dirty.

  • Melissa Puckett

    2,16,24,43,48….powerball – 3

  • RealToronto

    Wtf wrong with white Americans now a days lol my ma would stomp me out for asking to keep a goldfish in the house lol

  • Annettw Allen

    The dried out Lilly has spoken again with her GARBAGE.

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