HORRIFYING: Little Girl THROWN Into SHELF By Her UNCLE For Stealing Money From Him!

  • Richard Hopkins

    She went on to have a very honest life and he ran for public office under a tough on crime platform using this video as proof


    I understand disciplining but damn

  • Will-o

    Value of human life in Chinese culture is different than we used to here. Sad.

  • big homie number one

    she didn’t cry though.. this is why chinese girls will leave you in a heartbeat if they think they can’t rob you… angels and then… in your pockets hard.. and won’t ever let you triz.. but you can go down the road and get 2 girls for an hour for like 250…

  • Tiberiu Mirza

    Yo id beat the fuck out him

  • BGR001

    overkill…. but I can understand the anger just not the reaction…. he probably would have have bought her what she wanted. If he said no it was for her own good… probably wanted too much candy or something

  • Riq2X

    She wuhz tryna runaway at da end n he gave her ass a spartan kicc?

  • Don Juan

    bet you he feels really tough… bitch ass muhfucker, i’d beat his ass if that were my kid. Beat her uncle and take all his chump money, then spend it all on her. foh

  • Haterboy-DickHair

    Shouldve slammed her twice lil thieving ass chigger

  • 33Degreez

    Clearly a boy. Smh.

  • sam sung

    Fucking gooks.

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