High School FlGHT Goes INSANE … Teen KARATE KICKED … Then Head Stapled And BEAT Like A Drum!

  • Riq2X

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    Cdfu kid in the blue is crazy af

  • Crazybull

    This gotta be fake nigga started fighting and turned into the joker

  • Richard Hopkins

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  • Dafranchize11


  • big homie number one

    can we just shoot all the nuckle heads… cause the og’s have too many to deal with its getting out of hand..

  • bigwhiteballz

    All jokes he did look like a monkey at the end….

  • Jr316316

    nigga gave him that goku double hammerfist punch at the end lol

  • Trump it up

    Got possessed by the spirit of stinkmeaner


    This dude watch too much anime

  • Melissa Puckett

    The very definition of a “nigger”. This “kid” done flunked so many times, he is in the 7th grade when he’s 16 and beating up 12 year old’s.

  • Walter

    Such a waste of life …. btw there was nothing karate about that kick

  • Walter

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  • Walter

    – shit blacks say

  • fonzo517

    the fuck..where was this at?

  • Richard Hopkins

    –fucks kids.

  • €hin £ee

    This looks like the special class.where was the teacher anyway?