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This Dude Has A LYNX For A Pet He Keeps In His House!

  • Tiberiu Mirza

    Wait til its hungry. U first on the menu

  • Dєαℓ ωιт ιт

    That’s what I was thinking. Better feed that pussy or become a meal.

  • Crazybull

    This might end bad how these scenarios usually do

  • MrTomalu .

    Beautiful cat tho.

  • the truth

    That cat would tear up a pit bull

  • Melissa Puckett

    I would rather have any of the big cats as a pet than a monkey, or an ape. Its factually safer than having a black thug stay with you.

  • GTown_Az


  • Fuckyall13

    Lol! That’s funny, and I’m black!

  • marxmen55

    nah… are not

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