SAVAGE: Day Time SHOOT OUT Close Range Middle Of The Street Chicago!!!

  • PounderHarder

    Oh shit bust niggah bust.

  • Divine

    Hey baby‚ú®

  • JP

    Im just going to smoke a rillo instead of going to chicago.

  • Maurice

    Glad he pushed his partner out the way first tho.

  • Treal Hero

    He was letting that Thang Bark

  • A U G U S T 16

    How the fuck did he miss

  • Dookie Shoes

    Shits real in chiraq bruh

  • True Indeed

    whoever holding that cam lucky af… dude buckin the rifle was aiming right towards em.

  • Born

    Makes me wonder why someone was standing right there,at the very moment,just recording. Hmmmmmm something isn’t adding up here. ?

  • Walter

    Why is a job and school always out of the question ? Lol shocker

  • Jakk Jones

    Fake asf


    Fake ass shit,camera man aint even flinch.