Burglar Had Only ONE Thing On His Mind When He Robbed This Store!

  • Riq2X

    ??Ayyy da cost of dem Newportz must’ve really went u

  • big homie number one

    sad thing is that shit should be like a 100 dollars in tobacco.. but fucking taxes.. like they help.. cause the state pretends like they broke..


    Nigga Finna hustle the fuck out then cigarettes


    Cdfuu grab the ports

  • Fuckyall13

    That nigga go make like a stack

  • Tiberiu Mirza

    Just give me the money i dont got time to be selling ciggerates wtffff too many snitches. U gonna get caught up

  • Nick

    Guess his race. You get three tries and the first two don’t count….

  • True Indeed


  • USVI- SoJahseh

    Mixed race Puerto Rican ?

  • 33Degreez

    I never understood why niggas leave stragglers. Pick ALL of them up, nigga, and CLOSE that ph’k’n drawer, let them think they sold out for a while. Lol.

  • Sandy Nigga Pepe

    fuck that owner for selling cancer sticks anyway

  • I’M ME

    thats either a current or former employee


    Damn black people do love new ports though