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TI’s EX WIFE Tiny Poses For EXTREMELY $EXYY PICS Right After She Filed For Divorce (Can’t Believe A MUPPET Could Look This Good!)

Tiny Harris is now officially single – she filed to annul her marriage to rapper T.I. earlier this month. And now that she’s SINGLE and on the market – she decided to show off her assets.

Talk of TI and Tiny splitting has been brewing for a long time now… Tiny was upset over TI’s many infidelities through out their marriage. Tiny’s last straw was when TIP saw his wife dancing with Floyd Mayweather and through a fit. That was enough for her to end the marriage.

  • USVI- SoJahseh

    She going trough a mid life crisis she’ll be aight.

  • Randall El

    You know that mouf do wonders!

  • Shuan Puffie

    That ain’t true tiny love that mans pantys

  • Demiurge

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  • Randall El

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  • Fuck Outta Here

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  • LALiving

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  • Coolbreeze PidiMcfly

    Tiny lmao

  • Coolbreeze PidiMcfly

    I know TI like thank God!!

  • Casey Jones

    “TI’s EX WIFE Tiny Poses For EXTREMELY $EXYY PICS” who ever wrote that needs to get their fucking eyes checked

  • Born

    Those hips though!!! ?

  • joe

    For Real LMAO

  • Khooshmessil

    fuck shes ugly

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  • Rico Suave’

    The majority is bought…even the color of her eyes

  • MyOpinionWhat

    Tiny don’t look bad in these pictures.. but we know what she really looks like.